Who are we?

Back in 1905, the Pendlebury Gospel Hall was erected on a site next to where Pendlebury Post office now stands. It represented an initiative of a group of Christians who were passionate about the need to preach the life transforming message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and rely totally on the bible as its sole authority. It continued until 1964 when the building was demolished and 2 years later a new building was built, opening in December 1966.

In the 1980s it was felt that incorporating the word Church, rather than Hall in the title would better communicate to the wider community what went on inside. It would also draw a clear distinction from some sects which use the title ‘hall’.

The building could hold less than 100 people, and although attendances generally were less than 40, the facilities for special events were restricting.

The opportunity arose to consider purchasing the somewhat infamous Duke of Wellington pub, then derelict, and less than 100 yards away.

After some spectacular answers to prayer, sacrificial giving from members, and amazing co-operation from the bank, the property was bought for £100,000. After many weekends spent working on site, and further expenditure of £150,000, the refurbished building was opened with a membership of less than 25. On opening day, our permitted borrowing limit was £160,000. The actual indebtedness was £159,880! Ten years later the church was debt free.

The building has the benefit of a 4 bedroom flat and car parking for over 100 cars. Some of the space is currently used by various charities to park their equipment (cars, and vans, a mobile stage, and even a 40ft container destined for Africa)

We are an independent evangelical church which, approximately 15 years ago, bought a derelict and infamous pub. In the course of about 12 months, the ‘Duke of Wellington’ was converted.

The building can comfortably seat 250 people.

Attendances vary from 70 to 100 at our Sunday morning service representing a wide age spread from families with young children, teenagers, young adults, the middle aged and even the mildly geriatric!

Those who come represent a spectrum of views from committed Christians to those who are just curious.

We favour modern Christian music with occasional traditional hymns, delivered by a music group incorporating vocalists, a keyboard, guitars and drums, and played at a volume which respects the hearer’s ear drums.