Bob Welch

Today it is a privilege to share with you how God is working in my life.

My first encounter with Christians was when I met Vicky, who was to become my wife, in 2000.

As a Christian, she was and is very understanding and caring – and, for me, being a Christian was not something I ever thought about at that time, even though I was working for The Salvation Army as a manager in a residential home for the elderly.

I remember that one particular Sunday Vicky and I were drawn to an Evangelical Church in Pendlebury,Salford. There, I could not absorb enough about Jesus – I was challenged about my way of life.

I heard about the perfect life of Jesus. And it did not matter how many good deeds I had done, that could never make me a Christian. I realised that I needed to surrender my life to Him, which I did.

God is a generous giver to those like me who are ready to gratefully receive. I learnt that God was already working in my life and that He never wastes anything. He had sent Vicky to be my wife.

He also changed my job, and sent me to work as a residential manager in a housing complex with over 100 residents, where we both had to use our abilities, interests, talents, gifts, personalities, and most important of all our Christian life experiences in the work we did.

Understanding that God deliberately shaped and formed both Vicky and me makes our personal ministry unique. In 2011 I retired at the age of 65 and moved to Leigh in Lancashire where I now work as a volunteer for Shopmobility, writing and updating staff policies and procedures.

After years of praying to become a missionary I realise that the work I am doing is the work God wants me to do.

Bob Welch